One-day workshop for the NR/ Petroleum Engineering students (UG3-360 &UG3-480)

3 years ago

SPE Student Chapter in UKH arranged a one-day workshop for the NR/ Petroleum Engineering students (UG3-360 &UG3-480). The workshop was titled "The Applications of Prosper Software in Production Engineering". This workshop was presented by Mr. Farhad Khoshnaw. Mr. Farhad Khoshnaw is a Senior Petroleum Engineer in Kar Group and has got his master degree in Production Engineering in UK. At the beginning of the workshop, the presenter was welcomed by the president of the chapter, the student Ararat Abdolla (UG3-360), the students and the faculty advisor of the chapter, Dr.Maha R. Hamoudi. During the workshop, the students had a golden chance to install the software on their personal laptops along with the explanation about the functions and uses of this software. At the end of the workshop, and on behalf of the students and SPE chapter, Mr. Farhad Khoshnaw was awarded an honorary shied representing the logo of the SPE chapter.
Assistant Prof. Dr. Maha R. Hamoudi
Faculty Advisor of the ?SPE? Chapter in ?UKH

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