New BA in English and the Other Language (German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish) Launched by UKH

1 year ago

The School of Social Sciences at the University of Kurdistan Hewl?r (UKH) is launching the new BA in English and the Other Language (German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish) programme with its first intake of students commencing in autumn 2018.

The programme is the first in the region and will aim to produce graduates who are multilingual with at least two foreign languages including English and one another European language.

UKH is the only university in the region to offer the programme with two foreign languages. It is already a common practice in Europe and other countries for students to have the option to learn two foreign languages.

The opening of this new programme is an important step for Kurdistan. It identifies knowledge and proficiency in European languages as a priority for Kurdistan region?s future prosperity and influence in the world.

?If Kurdistan is to continue growing as an autonomous region or as a state, then we need to have our own capacity so that Kurdistan can participate on equal terms in international relations,? says Dr. Olga Babenko, from the English Language Department, herself a specialist in both English and Russian languages and literature.

?Not only do European languages promote culture and cooperation in art, technology and other industries, in practical terms, this would be things like of people to translate in official meetings, people who can translate Kurdish literature into other languages and Kurdistan having its own translators?, Dr. Babenko says.

She also added that in the context of increased cooperation with Europe, this is an investment in upgrading Kurdistan?s ability to understand and communicate in the world.

For more information about the program including admission requirements please visit the UKH website:

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