UKH partnership with MyeDream Incubator

2 years ago

University of Kurdistan-Hawler (UKH) is proud to announce its partnership with My (Entrepreneurial) Dream (MyeDream Incubator) as its independent partner for a business incubator at UKH, to engage students at UKH and the Erbil community in entrepreneurial activities, training, and events that will enhance their abilities to start their own businesses and build a brighter future for themselves and communities. The kickoff of the relationship will be the signature MyeDream Bootcamp, similar to the successful MyeDream Bootcamp Aug 2016, supported by Invest2Innovate and 1776 programming, providing 2-weeks skills workshops and ongoing mentorship, late April at UKH.

This partnership is in line with the vision of UKH and it comes at a critical window of opportunity in the Kurdistan Region, when we are faced with economic crises and challenges that require solutions are not business as usual, but can leverage the energy of our students and global networks to connect Erbil with the global economy. With the leadership of UKH and KRG, and MyeDream incubator at UKH, we will contribute to enabling the younger generation to revitalise the economy of Kurdistan and prepare Erbil to be a hub of technology and global connections. MyeDream at UKH will serve UKH students, alumni, Erbil, and Kurdistan Region, and will open the door for innovation, public-private partnerships, and educational programs that will contribute to bridging the gap in private sector employability and opportunities and SME development.

About My(Entrepreneurial)Dream:

MyeDream is the first and only incubator program in Kurdistan Region, established June 2015, facilitating public private partnerships, investments, and international development towards business skills, job creation, and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth. My(Entrepreneurial)Dream?s model is based on ?3D? approach of entrepreneurial ?Dreams?, creating ?Dialogue? and networks between entrepreneurs and support networks and resources, and ?Developing? business skills for entrepreneurs and helping them establish their businesses. For more info visit & contact Rebeen Pasha, MSP, founder and president, at [email protected].

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