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NGOs hold two-day Job Hunting training in UKH

It focused on providing guidance and instructions about skills for CV development...

9 months ago

UKH Charity Foundation provides donations to a Yazidi makeshift camp

The donations were to 16 Yazidi families who live in makeshift camp in Erbil

10 months ago

Fukuyama Speaks About Identity Politics at UKH

UKH  hosted a seminar for the acclaimed American political scientist and political philosopher

10 months ago

Association of Arab Universities Praise UKH Standards

A delegation from the Association of Arab Universities (AAU) visited the University of Kurdistan Hewler on Thursday.

10 months ago

UKH students put Land of Peace on world map at international festival in Romania

For Halo Adil, it was his unique chance to put the Kurdistan Region on the world map with only one phrase in mind...

10 months ago

Vice-Chancellor and Parents Discuss Student Academic Performance

The University stresses on high academic performance and to achieve high student satisfaction ratings,

11 months ago

UKH Gets Recognition by Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education

Both ministries of higher education of KRG and the Iraqi federal government reached a groundbreaking deal to resolve outstanding issues between both parties........

11 months ago

UKH and University of Zakho Develop Academic Relations Through Signed MoU

UKH UoZ signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish collaboration in areas of research, instruction and academic exchanges.

11 months ago

UKHCF participated in the launching of the Qudra Programme

The UKH Charity Foundation (UKHCF) participated in the launching of the Qudra Programme on Monday, 25th of June 2018 in the Divan Hotel in Erbil.

12 months ago

Career Fair Brought Over Hundred Job Opportunities to UKH

The University of Kurdistan Hewl?r?s 2018 Career Fair was successfully held on Wednesday at the UKH campus.

12 months ago

New BA in English and the Other Language (German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish) Launched by UKH

The School of Social Sciences at UKH is launching the new BA in English and the Other Language (German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish) programme.

12 months ago

Lecturer Sara Salahaddin Attends US Department of State Program for Scholars

The University of Kurdistan Hewl?r?s Department of Politics and International Relations alumni and current........

1 year ago