Latest News:

Career Fair Brings Over 150 Jobs to UKH

 The University of Kurdistan Hewler held its annual career fair on Wednesday.

18 hours ago

Consul General of India Donates Books to UKH, Meets Vice Chancellor

The Consul General of India paid a visit to the University of Kurdistan Hewler and donated a large number of books on India to the Library.

2 days ago

Dr Bannon Presents Seminar on Branding

The Dean of Kurdistan Business School, Dr Declan Bannon, gave a presentation on “Facts and Fiction of Branding” to the UKH academic and admin staff.

5 days ago

Decentralized Renewable Energy Growth and the New Orientations in Energy Generation

It is a brief review over a very dense and focused event for DAAD Alumni, from researchers and professionals in the field with contributions to Renewable Energy. 

5 days ago

A Drilling Rig Prototype Created by Students

Students of the Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Management created a prototype of a drilling rig.

7 days ago

UKH Opens Architectural Engineering and Sustainability Programme

The University of Kurdistan Hewler launches the programme of BSc in Architectural Engineering and Sustainability.

8 days ago

Fire Fighting Training for UKH Community

Students and staff of the University took a fire fighting training presented by the Erbil Civil Defense Department. 

15 days ago

World Earth Day Celebrated at UKH

The University of Kurdistan Hewler celebrated the World Earth Day as part of its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability policy.

30 days ago

Vice-Chancellor Rounds Up Fruitful Visit to Italy

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan Hewler Dr Mohammed Mochtar returned from Italy with a list of accomplishments that will make huge contributions to the UKH, the public and the relations between Kurdistan Region and Italy.

1 month ago

A Seminar on Songs in Shakespeare’s Plays

Dr Joseph Greenwood from the English Language Department presented a seminar on songs in Shakespeare’s plays based on a recent paper of his. 

1 month ago

A Seminar on Nahrein Network Opportunities

UKH Centre on Culture, History and Humanities for Sustainable Development organized a seminar moderated by the Director of the Centre, Dr. Anwar Anaid, for Dr. Rozhen Kamal and Dr. Olga Babenko to present their Nahrein Network funded projects.

1 month ago

Visit by Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Mission in Iraq to American Corner Erbil at UKH Library

The United States chief diplomat in Iraq visited the American Corner at the University of Kurdistan Hewler’s Library.

1 month ago