• Over the past ten years, represented Kurdistan Region in various projects like, the poverty reduction and the food distribution system at a federal level while playing a central role in the Human Capacity Development in Kurdistan Region with an annual budget of 100 million USD for both training and the selection of candidates to engage in masters and doctorate studies at pronounced universities abroad.
  • Headed Kurdistan Region Statistics Office for around four years during which several key surveys were designed and implemented across Iraq and Kurdistan and managed to convince external and internal partners that key findings reported at regional level providing key data and information for use by both business and research aims.
  • Also, worked with international organisations like the UN, The World Bank and RAND Corporation on various projects for a scientific development of Kurdistan Region into the future.
  • During my sixteen years of working in South Wales University, UK, I gained ample experience in the higher education system in the UK and managed to gain full professorship through successful academic directorship and management of postgraduate candidates (22 in total) in diverse fields of Social Sciences, Engineering and Health Care, published widely in international journals and remain acting as a referee for high ranked International journals.
  • My eight years of working as a scientist in a blue-chip international company (Unilever) as a scientist allowed me to interact with practitioners, market needs and customers and provided me with experience in communicating with them and transferring my academic findings to practice.
  • My eighteen years of working in the Education and Higher Education in Kurdistan, namely the universities of Sula
  • Senior Advisor, Ministry of Planning, Kurdistan Regional Government, Erbil, Iraq; June 2006- July 2016
  • Head of Kurdistan Region Statistics Office, January 2007- August 2008 and January 2010 – June 2010
  • Member of the Economic Council headed by HE The Prime Minister
  • Professor of Statistics, University of South Wales, Pontypridd, UK; 1994-2008
  • Scientist, Unilever Research, Port Sunlight, Wirral, UK; 1987-1994
  • Research Fellow, University of Warwick, Statistics, 1988-1990
  • Visiting Lecturer, University of Liverpool, Mathematics and Statistics, 1991
  • Lecturer, University of Sulaimani/Slahaddin, Southern Kurdistan; 1974-1980.
  • Ameen, JRM (2017) Forecasting Models for different horizons. UKH Journal of Science and Engineering, Vol. 1(1), online.
  • Ameen J Optimal Multi-dimensional Poverty lines: The state of Poverty in Kurdistan Region. Accepted for presentation at the 'International Conference on Mathematical Methods & Computational Techniques in Science & Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK, February 24-26, 2017'
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Postgraduate Certificate of Education, University of Glamorgan (Currently South Wales), South Wales, UK, 1994
  • DoS for Abdullah El-Buzedi (PhD) Modelling Hepatitis C Virus in Libya. (with Professor Ron Wiltshire and Mr Mark Griffiths) April 2013;
  • Supervisor for Majeed, SM (PhD) Cluster Detection Models using a Hybrid Methodology with Applications in the analysis of Crimes. (with Dr Ian Wilson and Professor Andrew Ware). 2010;
  • Supervisor for Khwazbeen S Fattah (PhD) Mean-Variance Analysis and Cumulative Distribution Function using Simulation in Risk Modelling with Applications in Construction Industry in Kurdistan Region (with Professor Peng Shi). 2009;
  • Supervisor for Gina Dolan (PhD) Internet use of health related information. 2006;
  • Advisor for Albena Kerekovska (PhD)- Cross cultural translation of advertising material in the Tobacco Industry Bulgarian student, 2005;
  • DoS for Nikolaos Efstathiou (PhD)- Cancer Care in Greece. 2004;
  • DoS for Khaled Said (PhD) The impact of Female Genital Mutilation on childbirth, 2004;
  • DoS for Melanie Peters (PhD) Telemedicine and nurses role in the care of leg ulcers. Obtained about £7,000 of research fund from Smith and Nephew Foundation to support Melanies research project, 2003;
  • DoS for Abdullah Al-Hijji (PhD) Islamic Banking. 2003;
  • DoS for Hasan Al-Madfai (PhD) Weather Corrected Electricity Demand Forecasting, 2002;
  • Supervisor for Berengere Fromy (PhD) The effect of Applied Pressure on the Microcirculation of Blood in the Human Fore-foot, 1997;
  • Supervisor for Jamil Naji (PhD) Road accident fatalities in Yemen, 1997;
  • Supervisor for Mohammed Tayib (PhD) Malaysian Local Government Tax Collection for Residential Homes, 1998;
  • DoS for Shanker (MPhil) The Impact of Rapid Access Colorectal Clinics in a DGH practice (with Professor Kenkre). 2006;
  • DoS for Gandra Harinath (MPhil) Local recurrence of rectal cancers: role of immunocytochemistry in the evaluation of circumferential margins of rectal cancer, 2006;
  • DoS for Javia Oliette (MPhil) Co-integration in the European Financial Markets. Passed with distinction, 2000;
  • DoS for Johanna Tegelman (Mphil) Modelling the value of Intellectual Capital. Passed with distinction, 1999.
My contributions have been very instrumental in the success of five other PhD students.
Below, abbreviation of PI and CPI are indicators of Principal and Co-Principal
Grants Awarded
  • $200,000 – Ameen JRM (PI) – Quick Response Fund. Revitalising and upgrading Kurdistan Region Statistics Office, Kurdistan Region, Erbil, Iraq, 2008;
  • $1,004,240 – Ameen JRM (PI) – Stage One: Establishment of Data and Information Centre for Kurdistan, (DAICK). Project for Kurdistan Region, Iraq, 2007;
  • £25,000 – Ameen JRM (PI), Coll AM & Peters M – Nurse Led Patient Management Product for Pain and Wound Assessment, Welsh Development Agency (KEF Funding), 2005;
  • £10,000 – Black D (PI), Ameen JRM, Jenkins R, James M. HMP Cardiff, Prison Health Care: A Survey of Health Needs of Convicted Prisoners at the point of release into the Community, Bro Taf Health Authority, 2003;
  • £11,650 – Ameen JRM (CPI), Mac Donald G (CPI), Coll AM. Evaluation of Smoking Cessation Services, Iechyd Morgannwg Health Authority, 2003
Applied Statistics with social and economic interests, Data Mining, Econometric Modelling, Bayesian Statistics, Dynamic Modelling and Forecasting, Health Care Research, Delphi Methodology

1- A trophy from the World Bank for my contributions to Poverty Reduction Five year Plan for Iraq and Kurdistan Region
2- A Gold Plated Medal from The House of Representatives of the Federal Iraq for my Contributions to the Iraqi Socio-Economic HouseHold Surveys, 2007 and 20012.

Short Communications (refereed)

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  • Deaville J, Kenkre J, Ameen JRM et al. (2001) The Impact on Mental Health and Well-being as a result of the Foot and Mouth outbreak in Wales National Assembly for Wales.
  • Other reports
    During my work in Kurdistan since 2007, I have published over six articles on key topics of the day in the local newspapers (on demand);
  • Ameen JRM (2006) Data and Information Centre for Kurdistan (DAICK). The Council of Ministers, Kurdistan Regional Government, Erbil, Iraq;
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  • Ameen JRM (1988) A Short Review of Sequential Estimation and Bayesian Modelling. URL Internal Report.

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