Vice Chancellor

Dr. Mohammed Mochtar is the Executive Publisher of the UKHJSS and UKHJSE.

2004 – Vice President at Salahaddin University
2004- Assistant Professor in chemistry , in College of Medicine University of Salahaddin - Arbil Kurdistan Region – Iraq
2003- Head of Dep. Of biochemistry and Pharmacology, Medicine College of Medicine University of Salahaddin
1997-2001 Postdoctoral associate researcher and for the post graduated and under graduated students at University of Essen, Germany
2001-2002 assistant Professor at Department of Bio and Organic Chemistry , University of Essen, Germany
1998- 2002 At Essen University, synthesis of special supramolecular compounds by Diels- Alder cycloadition
reactions, which are molecular clip. Also asymmetric synthesis and physical organic chemistry , ront
charecterisation using IR, NMR, GC-MS.
1988-1995 Lecturer at the Department of biochemistry, university of salahaddin- Arbil, lecturing organic and biochemistry.
1- Basicity and study of some substituted benzaldenhydes by b UV. and IR spectroscopy , akdemiska pczika , 1979.
2- The reaction of indolizines with Esters of orthoformic acid , synthesis of Tris- indolizine molecular propellers , Chem. Ber . 120( 1987).239
3- Strctral studies of a three bladed molecular propeller Chem . Ber . 120(1987)345
4- The reaction of indolizines with Esters of orthoformic acid and orthobenzoic acid , Chem. Ber. 122(1987)345.
5- Bis (1, 2- dimethy- 3- indolizinyl) methane: Structural studies Chem. Ber. 120(1987)231.
6- The E.T. Mass spectrometrical fragmentation studies of bis- and Tris- indolizinyl molecular propeller. Mass spectrometer 22(1986)544.
7- Peptide models of protein B- sheets; design, folding and insights into stabilizing weak interactions, j. chem.. soc.2001
8- Toward synthetic adrenaline receptors- shape selective adrenaline recognition in water, Review.
9- Fullerodendriers with peripheral triethylenglycol chains, tetrahedral letters, 2000
10- More than ten posters 2000- 2002, Essen Germany
11- Synthesis of tris- indolizinyl ethyl blue products, Duhok Sce. Journal
12- Molecular Tweezer as Synthetic receptor, Zanko Journal- Arbil 2003
1982- 1987 University Grant Commission Research Fellowship, Swedish Scientifc Research Council, Stokholm,Sweden .

1997-1998 Grant from Deutshche Forshung Geminschaft (DFGU)
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