Worked as ‘Head of department of Humanities and Basic Sciences’ in The Vazir Sultan College of Engineering, Khammam, India.
Worked as ‘Incharge’ of Examination branch in The Vazir Sultan College of Engineering, Khammam, India.
Worked as ‘co-ordinator’ for freshman courses in the Eritrea Institute of Technology, Eritrea.   

Member of UKH news letter.
Assistant Professor Department of Natural Resources Engineering and management, University of Kurdistan, Hewler, Iraq October 2014 – till now
Associate Professor Eritrea Institute of Technology, Asmara, State of Eritrea 2003 - 2014
Assistant Professor The Vazir Sultan College of Engineering, Khammam, India 1996 - 2003
Lecturer University College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India 1994 - 1996
Life member of “Indian Society for Technical Education (I.S.T.E.)”, New Delhi, India.
  • “Absorption spectrum of Vo+2 maleate dehydrate single crystal”, Crystal Reasearch Technol, Germany, Vol.26, Issue 8, 1991, PP K185-K188.

    K.Ravindra Babu and M.V.Ramana

  • “Study on Certain Physical Properties of ZnF2-CdO-TeO2:Cr2O3 Glasses”, African Physical Review, 4:0010 73, (2010), pp 73-85.

    C.Laxmi Kanth, Y.R.Reddy, K.Ravindra Babu, and J.Anjaiah 

  • “Synthesis and optical properties of semiconductor core/shell nanoparticles”, International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Management and Research, 4(4) April, 2017, pp 88-93.

    Ravindra Babu Kurapati and Laxmikanth Cherupally

  • "A Review On Optical Properties Of Transition Metal Doped Zno Nanostructures", International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS) Volume 5 Issue 6, June 2018, pp 60-65.

     Ravindra Babu Kurapati and C. Laxmikanth

Evaluation of Ph.D. thesis:
Appointed as Examiner and evaluated the Ph.D. thesis of research students from various universities (Karapagam University and Bharathidasan University).
Mechanics and oscillations, First year B.Sc., Vignan Pratibha Publishers.
Thermodynamics and optics, Second year B.Sc.
Electricity, magnetism and Electronics, Third year B.Sc.
Modern physics, Third year B.Sc.
One of the author of General Physics I & II for distance learning under graduate programme, Eritrea Institute of Technology, State of Eritrea.

Molecular Spectroscopy

Solid state physics

 Material science

In Eritrea Institute of Technology, Asmara, Eritrea:
Physics I & II, mechanics and oscillations, electricity & magnetism I & II, optics, electromagnetic theory, material science, and research methodology.

In University of Kurdistan Hewler, Erbil, Iraq:
General physics, applied physics, principles of physics, Introduction to Digital Logic & Electronics, and philosophy of science.

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