Iftikhar served as an Environmental Scientist in Project Procurement International Islamabad Pakistan.  He is supervising students, from various disciplines in their research projects. He is assisting in module descriptors preparation for UG and PG programs in school of Science and Engineering. He is also responsible for checking plagiarism for research projects reports.  

Lecturer Oct 2017-Present 

Natural Resource Engineering and Management Department, University of Kurdistan Hewler, Kurdistan, Iraq

Lecturer Oct 2013- Oct 2017
Natural Resource Engineering and Management Department, University of Kurdistan Hewler, Kurdistan, Iraq
Research Associate 2012-2013
Environmental Science Department, COMSATS, Pakistan
Environmental Scientist
Project Procurement International, Islamabad March 2010- April 2011
Lecturer/Vice Principal
Allama Iqbal Public School and College, Havelian, Abbottabad May 2008-November 2008

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1. Undergraduate project “Impact of Landfill Leachate on the groundwater quality: A case
study of Substation Solid waste (Artush Company site).
2. Undergraduate project “Assessment of Drilling waste management in Kurdistan”.
3. Undergraduate “Environmental Impact Assessment of Taq Taq oil field Erbil Kurdistan”.
4. Undergraduate Knowledge “Attitude and Practices (KAP) survey on water use and Hygiene in selected schools of Erbil”.
5. Individual project “Impact of Drilling waste on surface and Ground water resources; A case study of Oil field”.
6. Individual project “Assessing the impacts of current Sanitation practices on community Health in Erbil city”.
7. Undergraduate project “Water borne diseases assessment: A case study of Refugees’ Camps in KRG”.
8. Undergraduate project “Study of the use of treated wastewater for ground water Recharge in Erbil city”.
9. Undergraduate project “Assessment of temporal and spatial changes in Ground water quality of Erbil city”.
10. Undergraduate project “Study of Improving and maintaining the WASH services provided by Local and International Agencies in selected Refugee’s Camps”.
11. Undergraduate project “Assessing the Environmental sustainability of water, sanitation and hygiene practices in selected refugee’s camps”.
Research is focused on the connection between water (including sanitation and hygiene) and health – especially the link between science, society and Engineering practice.

Water Supply 

Wastewater and Drainage

Water Quality

Research Methods

Environmental Management

Project Management (WRE)

Introduction to Ecology 

Sociology for engineers 

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